The Smudge

I want to be... A nicer mommy. A sweeter wife. I need to speak kindly to the dogs instead of yelling. I need to leave the toys, the smudges, the scattered clothes. The tossed pillows, blanket forts, and crayon towers. Life is happening here and I am grateful for that.

I spent 3 hours scrubbing the windows last week. I felt amazing afterwords. Maybe 45 minutes later... Yogurt hands. On the sliding glass door.

"Don't they care? Don't they see I just spent all that time cleaning? What is happening?" I angrily asked myself in my head as I went to clean it again. I almost yelled it out loud "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" and something stopped me.

Of course they care. I see it in their little faces every time I yell or point out things they are doing "wrong"... Smudge is still there... I'm going to leave it for a little longer. What is happening to me right now is life... And it's short. Goodnight folks.

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