Our IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet hack.

We almost didn't bring them with. They were mounted to the wall in our bedroom where we actually used them for socks and underwear. I just couldn't see them in our next house. The house we bought was filled with expensive furniture from the 90's... so it was not that great to look at, but it was interesting stuff. We move in and what do we fill the house up with? IKEA... yeah not what I had envisioned. I wanted to thrift (and still do) a bunch of antique pieces. Unfortunately COVID-19 happened and everything is shut down so I'm trying to make do what what we've got.

I woke up after about a week or so of living in the house and looked over at the shoe cabinets that were leaning against the wall in our bedroom. They didn't look right... "what the F am I going to do with these..." I thought. So as I traipsed downstairs to get my coffee it hit me... we should just put them by the front door for shoes. (Yeah you know, use them for what they were actually meant to be.) I waited for Paul to wake up and get his coffee and in true Megan fashion I sprang my idea on him before he could even sit down.

He relented at first like he always does... later that morning he was getting ready to mount them to the wall. "Megan... gotta a little problemo..." I walk into the foyer and the shoe cabinets are not tall enough to fit over the trim. "Well crap... we need like little gold feet or wheels or something to make them higher..." I immediately pull out my phone and start searching and before the results even pop up, Paul goes, "Arnold (the previous owner) has a ton of wheels downstairs... I think some gold ones." "Shut up!!!" I said, pretty sure he was trying to excite me just to see disappointment wash over my face. He likes to do that to me. "No really, go look."

So I did and sure enough... there are bins full of wheels in the utility room. So random and amazing and weird and kind of hilarious... but enough about me. There are a lot of treasures down in the basement, including loads of books. BUT... the prize of the hour this time was the 4 gold wheels I found that were the perfect size and height. Freaking SCORE!

Paul bitched a bit, and in typical Paul fashion said "This won't work." about 40 times until it the job was done. I give you.. our IKEA shoe cabinet hack!

click here for the cabinets

I originally wanted to switch out all the knobs for some crystal ones I have from Hobby Lobby but I'm saving those for the hutch remodel. We both liked the way the black looked so we left them on... still need a new floor grate and to paint the walls but it really transformed the foyer, and now our guests have a spot to put their shoes!

for the wheels I would have bought of Amazon click here

The only issue we ran into was... the wood splitting near the bottom where the wheels screw on... this did not bother me but keep that in mind if you DIY! It would be an easy fix.

I switched some rugs around too... this runner worked with all the stuff I used to style the cabinets with. It's from World Market and you can find it here.

I'd like to add that I hated this front door until I A.) realized it was wooden and we can stain the outside... and B.) I saw how pretty the light is when it shines through it. It's a keeper.

Super simple and took less time to add the wheels then it did to actually build the cabinets... those were also easy, I did them myself! You can see, to switch out the knobs you can just unscrew this one... and put any knob your heart desires on.

OK folks that's all I got on this! Let me know what you think! OH and all of those books I mentioned earlier... I picked out a few that caught my eye and brought them up... then I put them around the house. I also added some Italian marble viking statues he left me. Perfect quirky touch to the vibe we've got going on over here.

gold bookend can be found here.

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