I decided to combine weeks 3+4 because week 3 consisted of wallpaper removal and wall repair... and both of those things are getting pretty... freaking... old! I almost cried yesterday in the laundry room. Almost. I hate removing wallpaper so much.

I don't even want to relive this. It's terrible. 😂

I did get the doors and windows completely painted and waxed. I love using Annie Sloan chalk paint because the amount of prep is almost zero and it's very durable. I am using Athenian Black throughout the main level so putting it in here made sense too. I love how the brass fixtures look with it. I get all of mine from The Purple Painted Lady. She ships it so quick and has amazing customer service... I did run out and needed just a bit more, so I ran to a local store near me that carries it.

I could have done without the wax look, but because of how much use this room and these doors with get, I needed to protect them.

Also, a razor blade takes the paint right off the glass... so simple. So no taping or cutting in. Perfect for someone with no patience... but enough about me.

I took a break and will resume work on Sunday afternoon... Hopefully having it completely painted and ready for the next steps.

The piles of light fixtures, laundry room items, construction materials, and clutter alongside my dining room windows is KILLING ME SLOWLY. We just finished up our powder room, and are prepping for a foyer makeover so... there's just a lot going on. On top of that, it was our 12th Wedding Anniversary + our dog had to have surgery. These past two weeks have flown by! I will praise progress for now.

Be sure to check out everyone's progress over at The One Room Challenge Blog (I promise they are doing WAY more than I am at this point!) It should come together pretty fast at the end. Hopefully.

Thanks for reading and following along! 🥰

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