Updated: Oct 18, 2020


If you asked me if I could get the demo portion of this room done without Paul I would have said ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOT.

Enter Shan. My dear friend Shannon, Scorpio sister, biz partner, badass interior stylist, strongest lady I know. She helped me rip out this laundry room cabinetry and wouldn't listen when I said "OK we can leave it, let's stop." She was like... UM NO.

And she ripped it all out as I sat in horror like a scared child.

Ok, I kind of helped... but she kept it going. Paul said to leave the cabinet over the plumbing alone because he was afraid we would break the valves. Shannon said... F that.

You can see all of this footage in fast motion here.

After ripping it all out we started removing the wallpaper... this will be thee most time consuming part of the project. Paul has been working everyday for the past week so that gives me some time to get the wallpaper down and get my vision right for what this room will look like.

Removing wallpaper is totally horrifying. You destroy the walls... it's messy. I loathe it. The 2nd time around has only confirmed how absolutely terrible I think it is. 🤣

Please excuse my sloppy rendering. The scope of work is pretty straight forward. We can't really do anything besides paint until we get the fridge + the utility sink in. After that, it *should* come together rather quickly. I want to make this room bright and airy... I toyed with the idea of making it dark... going with a blue/black color palette but I decided against it due to the fact of the size of the room. It would totally shrink it down. I MAY paint the ceiling. I really want to. We shall see.

For now, I'll be removing wallpaper and drooling over everyone's plans for the ORC.

What I love most about being apart of the ORC is seeing all of the amazing inspo and hard work these other designers put out. Literally jaw dropping stuff. It's super motivating and fun to follow along with. You can do that yourself here!

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