Good LAWD what a ORC this was... I think I broke down twice into tears in this room. Not how I envisioned this project going but you can't win 'em all... I think it's the wallpaper removal that breaks me down... the last time I cried in this house was in the kitchen.

This was a doozy... Paul and I were not on the same page for some of the construction which led to a few redo's. One of our appliances for the room was stolen from the shipment center not once, but twice. We were left with very little room to do what we had intended to do after needing to order a different refrigerator. Let's just say, I'm glad this room is done. I think this is a bandaid for the room... it won't be the last time we are in here fixing it up. We are actually thinking of some major construction for this area of the house and eventually it will look way different. See what peeling away some wallpaper and ripping out some cabinets will do to you? 🤣

As always you can see the footage from this project over in my ORC highlight on Instagram. Now, for the reveal... I give you... the laundry room!

A quick little before.

And After!

We keep gloves, hats, dog treats + dog stuff, things that need to be shipped out or returned up on these shelves. The basket on the floor holds dog food and more dog items. During this ORC we brought home a puppy... so that's been... exhausting. 🙃

Looking at the before + after's I can say that the space has come along way... It needed to be functional above all else and that fridge is already coming in handy. It's so nice to not have to go all the way out to the garage for drinks or leftovers. A little retro one would have fit the aesthetic we were going for, and we would have had more room to do our table and shelving, but... it is what it is at this point. We could use the storage. The fridge is from Home Depot and you can find it here.

The laundry baskets are actually planters from Walmart and I cannot find them online but our store had a ton of them in the garden section. The wood for the box around the washer + dryer is from Menards. We used 1 X's and chose the Aspen wood. Same for the shelving. Brackets are also from Menards and I sprayed them a metallic gold color. The rod for the drying rack is also from Menards. Wooden hangers were an Amazon find and you can grab them here. The baskets on the shelves are a mixture of old and new. Some from At Home, some from Homegoods. The rattan wall hanger thing is from At Home. The washtub was from Amazon and you can get it here. The rugs are from Target, I am still waiting on the smaller one for the door. They are linked here. Because this is a high traffic area I used carpet tape to secure the rugs and keep them flat. You can find that here. Curtain rod is linked here and the curtains are a shower curtain that I cut in half and hemmed. It's from Anthro and it's linked here. The light fixture is linked right here.

All of the participants have done AMAZING things... it's one of my favorite things to scroll through on Insta. Seeing what everyone comes up with and accomplishes is so inspiring. I love doing projects like this sand I am so grateful to be apart of it. You can see everyone's hard work at

Thank you so much to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, they sponsor this event for the THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE.

What will be my next ORC? You'll have to stick around to see...

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