Always moving and on the go. Always cleaning, organizing, wiping, cooking, complaining, crying, playing, laughing, fighting. Most days I am emotional and physically drained. No the entire house isn't spotless. Hasn't been since we moved in. No dinner isn't perfect and on time every night. Yes I need help, thank heavens for my husband. Yes I lose my patience. Yes I need wine. And coffee. And sweatpants. Lots of it. As women, as mothers, we are hard on ourselves. Being compulsive is my downfall. I want everything "perfect" and when it's not, watch out. I hate that. Instead of easing my way out of this to go "do something important"... I will sit and enjoy it. Until one of the dogs wake them up. Because that happens. Because this picture makes it look so good. Look at my angels sleeping. Moments before Brewer has Hershey's chocolate everywhere. You don't see that though. When I see posts from people I think to myself.. Look how perfect their kids are, their house is, their life is... It's not. This moment... It's short lived, so I'll soak it up.

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