Fall 2020 One Room Challenge

What am I actually doing?! 🤣 Like we don't have enough happening...

Paul found a washtub... then I found a retro refrigerator.... one thing led to another... and now we are doing a laundry room makeover. 🤪 Paul has been asking me to take down the wallpaper for a few months... and if you followed along or watched my bridlewood highlights you know how much I enjoy removing wallpaper... especially when it's saturated with nicotine. It's nothing special, the laundry room... However, it is the first room you enter when walking in through the garage. Almost as important as a foyer, no?

So how did we get here? We've done quite a bit to the house so far, and for only being here 6 months, I am pretty satisfied with the progress. Let me set the scene for you.

It was Sunday night... we knew this week we had a lot happening... new counters were finally being installed. Our 3rd painters for the exterior of the house were showing up. (Cue the angels singing, and the harps, and the tap dancers.) I wanted to paint the formal living room... and build a cabinet bench thingy... I don't know. I just knew it was going to be a lot. Paul also wasn't feeling 100% so I knew I was going to be solo for most of this. So back to it being Sunday night... I was browsing the gram when I noticed that the ORC was starting this week... on Thursday to be exact.

Yikes... no time... what's a girl to do?

The last time, and my first time doing the ORC; it was at the start of Rona and I was limited with my budget, and materials, and time. I did not finish the room on time... and that was a huge bummer for me.

Also... I needed Paul's OK to do this.

Sometimes I feel like a little kid asking my Dad for something when I'm about to ask Paul to help me with a huge project. Mainly because he is my muscle, and certain things I just don't want to do... or I physically can't do without him. Especially when it comes to demo/reno projects... or anything with math. 😏 So basically, he can squash anything I dream up... but he never does. Love him for that.

Long story short... I am entering the ORC and we are completely redoing the laundry room.

Ok do you see how not great this is? The door to the left is how you enter the room from the garage... then those double doors are a coat closet... and right now, our coats are in there and some shoes. The cabinets take up most of the space in here and they store some shoes... but as you can see... no one puts their shoes away and by the way... our two dogs eat and sleep in here. So there's that. Also... that boob light.

I'm not proud of the mess but, this is what I'm working with here. Lots to do. Let's break it down.

To do list:

Take down wallpaper.

Rip out cabinets.

Paint/stencil/install peg board depending on which design I end up choosing...

Pray that the floor is finished under those cabinets.

Build a shelf/backing/side cover thing for the washer a dryer. I don't know what to call it. 🥴

Install shelving on both walls, one that includes a drying rack.

Build or buy and install a work table with space under it for the dogs bed + food/water.

Install a washtub

Install an outlet for an overflow refrigerator.

Install the appliances.

Paint the doors and add some detail to them.

New hardware for the doors.

Replace the light fixture.

Style it up. (I am hoping to use our shower curtain from out last house as curtains in here... that's about all I've got as far as what the vibe is going to be in here.)

I need space for:

Dirty laundry that accumulates on the main level.

Storage for soap, cleaners.

Storage for shoes. (I would really love to do this in the garage.)

Dogs stuff.

4 backpacks and a purse.

Baskets that hold gloves, hats, sunglasses, and now masks. I've got a budget for this room and I'd like to respect that... so send prayers. 😆🙏

Thank you so much for following along! Please check out The One Room Challenge Blog for more inspo from the featured designers + guest participants!

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