Breakfast Room Reveal

This was my least favorite room in the house... that marble floor. That obscene light fixture.

I would never... It had to go.

It was the floor that was killing me... BUT ripping it out right now is not an option... I am doing my best to work with it. This room was where we did puzzles all through quarantine. It's where the kiddos eat breakfast or snacks when their friends are over. It's surrounded by our covered porch so it has a pretty intimate vibe to it... I have to say it's growing on me.

First... I need to preface that we ended up salvaging the kitchen light fixture. My friend Jen messaged me to let me know that is was actually quite expensive and I should try to clean it up and use it somewhere else. It's a Framburg chandelier (or according to my other friend Nikki... it's a Fritz Bernaise.)

This thing was so terrible... I didn't take a pic of the dog hair that was stuck on the globes. Covered in grease and tar... and bugs. And yuck. It is however very well made and I had a screenshot of one similar... almost identical. So I figured I'd give it a whirl.

I scrubbed it with a toothbrush. And Brasso. And ketchup. And tears. For 3 days. Not worth it but I wasn't going to give up. I had committed so I was going to finish it.

It turned out pretty good. We hung a black ceiling medallion to give it a little more pop. It goes with the house for sure. I painted this one with Annie Sloan Athenian Black and you can find that over at The Purple Painted Lady, where I get all of my chalk paint. She ships it SUPER fast.

I chose to paint the walls with Benjamin Moore Classic Gray... it's also what we will be painting the foyer and it's my new favorite gray! Obsessed. 🥰 (This black room behind is still a work in progress but the color is Carbon by BEHR.)

The wooden table and wooden chairs are from my Aunt Colleen, I believe it was her Grandmothers, or her Mom's, I can't remember. The acrylic chairs are from Hobby Lobby and you can find them here. The lamp and end table are Target clearance items... and the table covering and pillows are from Hobby Lobby but I can't link them.

The rest of the room is from Amazon believe it or not! The brass curtain rods are linked here. The brass rings are linked here. The curtains I ended up keeping are linked here. The white swivel chairs are linked here. The ceiling medallion is linked here. The rug... which is amazing by the way... (thank you Maggie Russo!! I was influenced. 🥰😂) is from Amazon too and it is linked here. Super comfy and a steal. It has almost every color in it, and goes with, and covers, the dark green floor. 🥴

Let's not forget Barry... he's in here for the season. Serving up LEWKS and cocktails. Bar cart is from... wait for it... AMAZON. 🤣 You can find it here. They were sold out of the brass, so I ordered the silver and spray painted the pieces before assembling them. I've been buying all of our spray paint at Home Depot, my home away from home. Super easy, super cute. 10/10 would recommend.

That's it for the breakfast room reveal... I am just waiting on some art that I am having framed so fingers crossed that will go up this weekend. My bathroom is literally on the brink of being done... the laundry room is just getting started, and we have to paint the foyer. Then guess what... the entire main level will be redone. WUT. Did not see that coming! I am beyond grateful that we have had this time to knock things out, the capability to get organized, and the means to get it done.

I still have to source + breakdown our computer nook that we did a couple weeks ago... I promise it's on the list of to do's! Thanks for reading and following along! Let me know what you think. 🤓


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