Anthro Inspired Hutch

I had been drooling over this beautiful cabinet from Anthropologie for months. I loved everything about it... except the price.

$2,500.00 was a wee bit out of my allowance for furnishings on just one piece so I knew... this would never happen. It's SO pretty though. When we moved into our house it came with a built in storage cabinet in the dining room. I loved the bones of it and it reminded me of... the storage cabinet from Anthro!

Potential to be awesome, right? OK, so, I had to find a few more elements to add to it, because I wanted the wood look... it adds charm. I took my measurements and went to Home Depot to look at their common boards. I ended up getting 3 6ft 12in boards for under $35 bucks. Paul cut them to the width I needed because their machine was broken... did you know they will do that for you? You tell them what you need it cut to, and they will cut it. The shelves weren't quite big enough so I had to improvise... I opted for resting them on the existing glass shelves. I actually like the look of the glass and the wood together.

After this I scrubbed it down and got to work. I prepped the walls and floor so I could slap the paint on and not have to be tedious about it. I used Athenian Black by Annie Sloan again, just like on the fireplace makeover so that everything would be cohesive. I also am totally obsessed with how it goes on and how it looks. Pictures do not do it justice at all.

I did not want to wax it, but because of kids, and how I clean my floors, I knew I needed to protect it so I waxed certain parts of it. I may go back and wax all of it but I haven't decided. Also when painting all the glass I just shloped it everywhere because it comes off so easily with a straight razor. Saved me time and I was able to really get in on the trim for an even coat. I love painting with chalk paint because there is almost zero prep involved and you can paint anything with it. I hate sanding, and priming. Chalk paint gives you the ability to skip both of those steps. It has a unique finish but it's so versatile you can end up with any finish you want really.

I am still looking for some wooden boxes/crates/drawers for the bottom... I want to put all my Christmas beloved's in those... plus it will give it more warmth and charm. Oh and some hardware. I have a bunch of crystal hardware but I think I am going to look for some copper handles to match what we've got on going in the kitchen.

I share a lot of my progress and what I'm doing daily on Instagram so follow me there!

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