The Home Enthusiast

Wondering what to do in your space and needing some help? I'm your girl! My name is Megan Cherepko and I am beyond excited to help you love your home! My enthusiasm for interior styling + design has led me to offer virtual consulting + in person clients for local friends. Please check out my Instagram to get acquainted with my style. If you're into it, we can move forward into selecting your package! 

The philosophy here at The Home Enthusiast is; if you like it, we make it work. Expressing yourself in your home is first priority. 

Shelf or bookcase styling. Packages start at $40. 

This is for smaller spaces, vignettes, or a focal wall. Packages start at $75. 

We are going big or going home. Packages start at $150. 

You must really like me. Packages start at $500 and include an hourly rate of $75.

This is for paint + carpet selections. Pillow+ blankets. Little pretties + plants. Finishing fixtures. Lights + hardware + handles. Packages start at $30.

Quite possibly my favorite. Holiday decor help. Packages start at $50.

If you are local to Valparaiso, IN.